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Makeup Apps That I have on my Phone (Android Heavy)

Turns out, some of your favorite makeup brands have apps now! Which is a smart move because you will rarely see someone without their phone in their hands. And guiltily, I’m one of those people. I HAVE NO SHAME! So where was I? Oh yeah, beauty apps. Here are the ones I have on my Droid.


Introducing The Urban Decay Pro App, with this App you can Shop Urban Decay Cosmetics Like never before. Not only is this direct access to everything Urban Decay has to offer, as well as items you wont find anywhere else , but as you know, By buying Direct, You Save!!! This app also boasts a sleek design, making sure you look good even when you Have your phone out, It is loaded with a link to You Tube videos, Grooveshark Music, and third party product reviews so you get an unbiased opinion every time. Dont wait Download the newest Makeup Addition to our pocket compact line of apps designed with Beauty in mind, Many new tutorials coming soon, Thank You. You Make the difference Pravada Apps. This Is An Ultimate Cosmetic Brand carried by Sephora and Ulta You Can Shop Them Here Directly and avoid overhead pricing!!!


CRC Makeup is the official app for Camera Ready Cosmetics, your #1 source for makeup online at the lowest price guaranteed. Use our app to quickly find the makeup you need, discover our newest products, and connect with us on your favorite social networks.


Discover the newest beauty looks and trends, learn essential makeup tips, and shop for amazing products on the Beautylish app!

“With my Beautylish app; all those beauty changes I wanted to do I can. Inspiration; products for the inspiration and tutorials! LOVE IT!!” -@natashiiabrown

Choose from thousands of makeup reviews, hairstyles, nail designs, braids, beauty tips and makeup tutorial videos to get inspired. The Beautylish Android App features:

- Shop our boutiques for new and exclusive beauty products and buy right from your Android device
- Makeup and beauty product reviews covering your favorite brands and new product releases to find the best makeup. Be sure to check our community reviews before you make a purchase the next time you’re shopping in Sephora or Ulta. 
- Beauty photos featuring hairstyles, makeup looks, nail designs, bridal looks, and the latest beauty trends to get inspired.
- Step-by-step tutorial videos to learn how to create the latest braids and hairstyles. Apply makeup and see how to create nail designs you’ll love.
- Forums to ask questions and get beauty tips on makeup, skin care, nails and hairstyles from our community of makeup and beauty experts.
- Daily beauty editorial stories featuring hair, nail, and makeup tutorials, the latest beauty trends, new product releases, skin care information, expert beauty tips and advice, and makeup reviews.
-Filter beauty photos, makeup tutorials, and cosmetic reviews to find beauty inspiration from your favorite brands including: Too Faced, Inglot, MAC Cosmetics, NARS, Urban Decay, Shu Uemura, Sephora, Shiseido, Benefit Cosmetics, Smashbox, Make Up For Ever and Bare Escentuals. 
-Personal profile and preferences allowing you to share your favorite products, upload your latest beauty photos, and connect with others in the Beautylish community.

Contact Us: Send your questions, suggestions or technical problems to help@beautylish.com.

The Beautylish Android App is perfect for your beauty obsession!

I’m hoping that the Green/Street beauty team releases an android version of their itunes app. 

Freelancing: It’s not for quitters.

Nor is it for the faint of heart. I’m learning that that’s especially true when it comes to my industry (photography, makeup artistry, etc.). So, what does one do when the hustle just isn’t working for you? Here are three tips.

1. Determine what it is you’re seeking/working for.

     *You need a plan of action before you start to pursue whatever it is you’re wanting to do. Remember that you’re in control of how your money flows to you. 

2. Remember to motivate yourself.

     *You shouldn’t rely on outside influencers to keep you afloat. You must motivate from within to keep yourself going. It’ll be a work in progress, but you can do it!! I struggle with this myself from time to time lol.

3. I know it’s cliche, but never give up.

     *Reevaluate, reach out to those who are excelling in your industry, take a couple of classes, but don’t quit. 

I struggle with this too, so I decided to write about this topic to offer a bit of self motivation and in doing  so, hopefully it helps others as well.

Remember, struggles are oft lessons. 

Flycatcher Creative. For all your SEO, web design needs!


Flycatcher is a marketing and web design company that works EXCLUSIVELY with creatives to help them generate the business they need to turn passions into paychecks. They do web design, SEO, custom blogs. The site is http://flycatchercreative.com/. Or, you can just send an inquiry email to: angela.hall@flycatchercreative.com

Want those #GoldenGlobes #lipstick colors? Wait no longer!! #makeup #muablog

It seemed that all the the starlets who walked the red carpet (from the beautifully glowing soon to be mother Kerry Washington to the fab and fierce Gabourey Sidibe) doned beautiful neutral looks, chic updo’s and neutral/pink to dark red lips. Here are some of my fave shades of red that work on ALL skin tones. Click the lipstick name to go shop the sites where they can be found!)

Cockney - A sheer yellow toned red with a bit of pearlescent shine. 

(Photo courtesy of temptalia.com) 

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist #8 - A bright matte red that clings to the lips giving it hours or staying power. 

(Photo courtesy of Sephora.com)

Nars Satin Lipstick in Rouge Basque - Another brick red that’s slightly darker than the makeup forever lipstick but with more sheen. It conditions the lips as it drapes them in brilliant color. 

(Photo courtesy of Narscosmetics.com) 

Rouge Basque Satin Lipstick

I learned something on Saturday.

The model matters. No matter how awesome your makeup is, if the person modeling your look does not know HOW to model, then it makes everything look garbage.

Lesson learned. This is also why tests are important as well. 

(Source: bullshit-time, via nataliemeansnice)

My best friend is moving to Florida.

She’ the only one that I consider to be a genuine friend even though I think I’m a shit one :/ I’m happy for her professionally, personally as well. But I’m gonna miss the hell out of her :( Love you Kathleen!!

Career Update: Good News

I just may start freelancing for Nars Cosmetics! I have my fingers, eyes, toes, nose hairs, and heart strings crossed.

Thank you Rachel, Erin, Jessica, and Keia!!!